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Bioweapons & Viruses/ Genetic Engineering

First half guest Dr. Glen MacPherson has researched and documented a Hum heard by people all over the world. The sound is louder indoors than outdoors, and louder late at night than during the afternoon. In the more serious cases, the Hum can affect quality of life; in a number of documented instances, the torment of the noise has been life-altering. MacPherson shared the latest from his scientific investigation into the phenomenon, which seems to indicate that the culprit may be electromagnetic pollution by Very Low Frequency (VLF) waves. This was followed in the second half by Open Lines.

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Bioweapons & Viruses/ Genetic Engineering

Show Archive
Date: Monday - June 30, 2014
Host: George Noory
Guests: Steve Quayle, Adam Rutherford

Appearing in the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed biowarfare, a new Ebola outbreak, viruses, chemtrails, and genetic experimentation. Of particular concern about the new spread of Ebola in Africa is that scientists say they can't tie down the specific strain, he reported. Some have called it a previously unseen strain, which suggests to Quayle that it's a genetically altered form. He connected the mysterious deaths of microbiologists and the exit of numerous leaders and scientists from the CDC over the last 10 years to a plan to lower the world's population. "The fastest way to do that is with genetically altered strains of some of the most deadly viruses in the world," he asserted.

Sharing an update on chemtrails, he said he was contacted by a person who took photos at a secret airbase in Nevada, "where all the chemtrail planes are loaded and unloaded." Quayle expressed apprehension that chemtrail spraying could be a kind of delivery agent-- "an atmospheric petri dish of the chemical and biological weaponeers." He also cited how immigrants coming into the US without medical screening could be used as "infectons," people intentionally exposed to some of the most deadly pathogens with the goal of spreading disease. "I think that is...either insanity or the most well-planned biological weapons delivery program that's ever...been put into operation," he remarked.


In the latter half, geneticist and science broadcaster Adam Rutherford discussed DNA and the origins of life, as well as genetic engineering and how we are now radically exceeding the boundaries of evolution with entirely novel creatures. These include goats that produce spider silk in their milk to bacteria that excrete diesel to genetic circuits that identify and destroy cancer cells. He described his visit to the genetically modified goats at a farm at Utah State University, and noted how the goats seemed absolutely normal, aside from the fact that they produced milk containing an extra protein, which can be extracted and spun into spider silk thread.

In a larger context, he views such genetic modification as a continuation of what farmers have been doing for thousands of years, breeding in specific desirable traits. For example, rice is not a naturally occurring food, but was bred by crossing grasses with wheat, he stated. Regarding evolution on Earth, he pointed out that bacteria are actually the dominant life form. People each have about 100 trillion human cells "but we carry on us 10 times more bacterial cells," most of them beneficial. Based on this, he suggested that the most likely life form to exist on other planets would be similar to bacteria. For more, check out Rutherford's short video on the origins of life.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Howard Bloom

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