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Michael Peter Langevin

Magical Blend's Publisher, Michael Peter Langevin, offers a rarely seenglimpse into the rites and rituals of the ancient, sacred, and beautifulInca people in his book, Secrets of the Ancient Incas. It reaches fromMachu Picchu to Lake Titicaca,...

John Greenewald

The Black Vault, run by John Greenewald, has brought forth thousands uponthousands of government documents never before seen by the public eye. Thetopics range from UFOs to FBI Files.

Guest(s): John Greenewald

open lines

Host: George Noory

Maurice Cotterell

Maurice Cotterell's background as a scientist, mathematician, and engineerhelped him to decipher the code of the ancient Maya, revealing the mysteryof their science and religion to an extent never before possible. Hisextensive research revealed...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Maurice Cotterell

Bart Kosko

World-renowned as the leading proponent and popularizer of Fuzzy logic,Professor Bart Kosko is the author of several books and writes for Scientific American and other technical publications. Professor Kosko received bachelors degrees in...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Bart Kosko

Richard Hoagland / Dr. Robert Zubrin

1) Richard C. Hoagland, is the founder of The Enterprise Mission, recipientof the Angstrom Medal, former science advisor to CBS News and WalterCronkite, author of "The Monuments of Mars", co-creator of the "PioneerPlaque",...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Bart Kosko

Linda Howe

Earthfiles reporter and editor, Linda M. Howe, is an Emmy Award-winning TVproducer, investigative reporter and author. Her most recent book,"Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles", includes her research into accounts ofcrop circles,...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Bart Kosko

Stephen Bassett

Stephen is a political activist/lobbyist. He is the founderof Paradigm Research Group; Executive Director of the ExtraterrestrialPhenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC); author of the Paradigm Clockwebsite; and political...

Guest(s): Stephen Bassett

Brad Steiger

The author/coauthor of 154 books with over 17 million copiesin print. Steiger's first published articles on the unexplained appeared in1956, and he has now written more than 2,000 articles with paranormalthemes. From 1970-'73, his weekly...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Brad Steiger

Stanton Friedman / Dr. H. Paul Shuch

Stanton Friedman often referred to as the "Father of Roswell",Stanton Friedman was the first to investigate the incident beginning in1978. He has been investigating UFO incidents since the mid 1950's. Since1967, Friedman has lectured on...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Stanton Friedman, Dr. H. Paul Shuch

The Bell Witch

Neal Sibley, screenplay writer, has put together a screenplay on the subjectof the Bell Witch of Tennessee, which was a documented case of a demonspirit that tormented a family during the 1820s. While working on theproject, Neal claims to have...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Steven Greer, Neal Sibley

Scott Flansburg

The computational skills of Scott Flansburg (a.k.a. The Human Calculator)are listed in the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records; he holds a recordfor adding a sequence of numbers in his head faster than an accountant using acalculator. Recently,...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Scott Flansburg

Patrick Garrett

Patrick Garrett is an Associate at, responsible fordefense and security research and analysis, as well as online contentdevelopment and management. His areas of study include nuclear andconventional military infrastructure and...

Guest(s): Patrick Garrett

Dr. Hank Wesselman

Anthropologist, Hank Wesselman, PhD., has worked for much of the past 30years with an international team of scientists, exploring Eastern Africa'sGreat Rift Valley in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. Hehas also taught for the...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Hank Wesselman

Creation Evidence

Baugh is founder and director of Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas;scientific research director for world's first hyperbaric biosphere;scientific research director for water reclamation and energized plantsystems; and the discoverer and...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Hank Wesselman

Nancy Lieder

Nancy Lieder, a contactee, claims to be in telepathic communication withvisitors from Zeta Reticuli. The Zetas reveal to Nancy information aboutlife on other worlds; the ET origins of the human species; the origins ofthe pyramids and the Sphinx;...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Nancy Lieder

Visions & Earth Changes

Intuitive and teacher of consciousness studies, Gordon-Michael Scallion reveals his global predictions for social and Earth changes between the years 1998 and 2012. In 1978, he experienced visions which showed that the surface and continents of...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Gordon-Michael Scallion, Steve Quayle

Philip Plait

Dr. Plait works in the physics and astronomy department at Sonoma StateUniversity in California. He maintains the Web site andwrites monthly articles on astronomy for the German newspaper DieFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. His...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Phil Plait

Dr. Nicholas J. Begich

Dr. Begich has published articles in science, politics and education and isa well known lecturer, having presented throughout the United States and innineteen countries. He has been featured as a guest on thousands of radiobroadcasts reporting on...

Guest(s): Nick Begich

Bob Lazar

One night in May 1989, a reporter broadcast a story from a satellite link in Las Vegas, Nevada. A young physicist spoke under hidden identity, and told us of nine alien discs held near Groom Lake by a small autonomous group of the American...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Bob Lazar

Prof. Ted Bryant

Ted is a physical geographer with broad interests in geomorphology andclimatology. He is currently a member of the Quaternary EnvironmentsResearch Centre. Ongoing research interests involve the definition andmapping of the geomorphic signatures...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Prof. Ted Bryant

Steve Quayle / Bruce Moen

Steve be talking about the nuclear capabilities of India and Pakistan and what could happen if they have a nuclear confrontation. On his website he has a map that will show Americans what would happen if a Nuke went off where they live. If we...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Steve Quayle, Bruce Moen

Linda Moulton Howe / Lloyd Stewart Carpenter

All of the topography of planet Earth is comprised of a series of easilyrecognizable pictures. Lloyd Stewart Carpenter has been a maps researcherand inventor for more than 20 years. He became a national championshipspeaker, during his college...

Host: Art Bell
Guest(s): Linda Moulton Howe

Dr. Seth Shostak

Astronomer and SETI expert (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), with news on ET and the SETI Institute, which is the real-life basis for the story portrayed in the movie "Contact".

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Seth Shostak

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