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Inside Wicca

Date: 12-08-03
Host: George Noory
Guests: Fiona Horne, James McCloy

Practicing witch Fiona Horne ( was the guest for the middle two hours of Monday's show. Dispelling myths about Wicca, Horne said that she used the earth-based practice to help and heal, rather than to harm. She views Wicca as a "spiritual path rather than a religion," which has allowed her to create her own faith, instead of following a set dogma.

"I don't believe God is something other than me," she said stressing the importance of the individual and their body.Further, "if God is to survive it depends on the diversity of his love," she related, from a recent epiphany.The degree to which one gains spiritual understanding from Wicca can vary. "The world answers according to the questions you ask of it," she said.


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Haleakala Crater UFO

Late one evening in 2002 I was campinginside Haleakala Crater with a friend, whom I have been camping, sky gazingand looking for ships with for nearly 40 years. We were treated with avisit from afar. We were surprised to have such a close visitation and to beable to record the experience via digital camera (Click on picture to see an enlargement; view second image here). This was not the firstvisitation or sighting in this volcano we've had. We have been watchdogs onthis mountain since the early 60's.
We have had less and less sightings over the last 10-15 year's or so, sincethe government moved in full force, upon this mountain. Though the activity has nearly stopped we still come and look, but now wecome armed with a digital camera, just in case.
Late one evening while hanging out under the star's we watched a bright lightmoving about in deep space but, with a strange pattern of movement. The nextthing we notice, a curtain or sheet of light drop down about 50-100 feetaway from us from right out of the sky. It appeared to be made up of tinyparticles of fireflies or dust that was lit up. It was all moving about likedust in a windstorm.
Then right behind the screen appeared a large disk that appeared to be madeof the same substance as the curtain, millions of flickering fireflies in awindstorm. Everything was active energy moving all about even the disk didnot appear to be solid.
The feeling that came over us was, like we were on way too much nitrousoxide. We both had uncontrollable grins on our faces and we're all wide eyed. Ifeel if it were not for this shield in front of us we may have been fried toa crisp. When I looked at my buddy his hair was standing straight up in the air. Helooked really wild with that grin and eyes open as far as they could and hishair like that. I playfully reached over and tried to mess it up and,thousands of tiny spark's crackled and lit up on each strand of hair everytime I ran my hand over his head. Normally I keep these experiences quiet, but as we approach our appointmentwith time as a race it's far better to let it all out in the open.
--Maui Guy
UPDATE: A reader named Oliver wrote in, noting the similarity between the above imageand an old photograph taken by contactee George Adamski ("I'm still debating whether or not [the Adamski image] is true," Oliver writes. Here (1) is his original picture.


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