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Legends, Secrets, & Giants

Pres. Reagan's secret agent, Lee Wanta, masterminded a creative way to financially take down the economy of the Soviet Union. He joined Richard Syrett, along with Lon Gibby (director of a documentary about Wanta), to discuss his claim that he amassed trillions of dollars that were designated to go back to the American people. In his effort to carry out his mandate, he was imprisoned, and the funds were stolen or converted illegally into the Federal Reserve.

In the first hour, security consultant and researcher Colin Hall detailed his investigation into two unusual car accidents in England and France that seemed to have paranormal elements.

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Legends, Secrets, & Giants

Show Archive
Date: Monday - May 27, 2013
Host: George Noory
Guests: Steve Quayle, Joshua P. Warren

Author and researcher Steve Quayle contends that most citizens in the West are unaware that they've been fed a carefully edited view of the past, tailored to prop up the powers that be and keep humanity ignorant. Comparing common strands in the legends of the North, Central, and South American native cultures, he found evidence for aliens or star people who bred with humans, the presence of stargates or interdimensional portals, and various creatures who have a supernatural aspect such as giants, Sasquatch, and skinwalkers (beings that can change shape or form). Institutions like the Smithsonian have deliberately kept such information from the public, he commented, adding that America's name didn't actually come from a European explorer, but from an Incan ruler, Tupac Amaru (glowing serpent), and their land which mapmakers of the era called Amaraca.

"Even the very name of America, North and South leads to Quetzalcoatl [feathered serpent god]...the giant who came from the East who settled Mesoamerica," according to the Aztecs, Quayle remarked. "We're talking about entities that could transform themselves into different shapes, i.e. fallen angels-- Virococha is who the Mayans worshiped in the same manner as Quetzalcoatl," he added. He also cited the term "nephilism" to describe the fallen angels who mated with Earth women to produce giants. What perhaps pioneering researchers such as Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Daniken missed is that the ancient astronauts or Annunaki were actually the Nephilim or fallen angels, described in the Bible, he argued.

Many Native Americans have reported seeing portals opening before their eyes, and their oral histories detail a race of giants who were cannibals, Quayle stated. They also describe Bigfoot or Sasquatch as highly intelligent creatures that can travel dimensionally (according to Quayle's military sources the creatures can communicate telepathically). The Book of Enoch writes that when giants were killed, they became disembodied spirits, which Quayle suggested are the incubus and sucubus, predatory sex demons that sometimes plague humans while they sleep.

Puerto Rico & Creepy Tales

During the latter half of the first hour, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren spoke live from Puerto Rico, where he's investigating various anomalous activity, including USOs-- unidentified submersible objects. One witness saw a large "machine-like saucer" descend over a lagoon, and suddenly shoot a beam into the water. Water churned and then was sucked up into the craft via the beam, Warren recounted. He also talked about his new project, Creepy Little Tales, in which he is collecting short true stories from people about their paranormal encounters, for possible inclusion in a forthcoming book.

Memorial Day Remembrance

Toward the start of the show, George continued his Memorial Day tradition with his reading of the poem A Soldier Died Today. He also featured music associated with the different US military divisions.

News segment guests: Katherine Albrecht, Dannion Brinkley

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