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Past Lives & Soul Writing

Registered pharmacist Ben Fuchs shared the latest in health information and treatments, as well as current trends in medicine, and the good vs bad of diet fads.

Last hour guest, astro-economist Mitchell Scott Lewis discussed the astrological connection with the Shemitah 7-year cycles, as well as Saturn cycles, and what we might expect in financial markets now and in the years ahead.

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Past Lives & Soul Writing

Show Archive
Date: Monday - November 18, 2013
Host: George Noory
Guests: Joanne DiMaggio, Shirley MacLaine

Joanne DiMaggio has been professionally pursuing past-life research and therapy for over 25 years, and founded PLEXUS (Past Life Exploration, Understanding and Sharing). She discussed techniques for accessing past lives, as well as how to do 'soul writing.' Conducted in a type of meditative state, soul writing is done with the eyes half closed, sitting with a pen and paper or even at a keyboard. "You just trust the process and get out of the way. Don't manipulate or force your words...allow the message to proceed," she stated. Don't let your internal editor get in the way about spelling and grammar, as you allow the stream of consciousness writing to come through, she continued.

A long-time student of the work of Edgar Cayce, DiMaggio noted that Cayce differentiated between inspirational or soul writing and what is known as 'automatic writing.' Sharing some similarities to the Ouija board, automatic writing stems from an outside source, and "Cayce was concerned that there might be some low level entities trying to come through. When you open yourself to this work, that's why a prayer of protection, or white light protection is so important," to safeguard you from outside energies, she explained.

When DiMaggio regresses clients into past life explorations, she has them visualize walking up a stairs to a historic hotel lobby, where on either side is a hallway with a row of doors, and behind each is one of their past lives. "I instruct their souls to stop them in front of the door leading to the lifetime that is most impacting them now," she detailed. In her research and work, she was intrigued to discover cases of spontaneous healing associated with past life recall, as well as evidence that different people reincarnate in specific soul groups.

Shirley MacLaine Update

First hour guest, Oscar winning actress Shirley MacLaine shared recollections from her life and career, and discussed her latest book, What If..., in which she speculates on spiritual questions. She spoke about her fascination with UFOs, and said she saw a lot of craft in the sky in Peru and other countries in South America, where it looks like "highways in the sky." She wondered why the UFO cover-up was so important, and suggested that JFK was planning to order a serious investigation into the subject. MacLaine also talked about her friendship with Stephen Hawking, and how he believes he may be the reincarnation of Sir Isaac Newton.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros, Robert Zubrin

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