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Last Show Recap

In the first half, investigative reporter Nicholas Schou revealed how leading journalists and media are manipulated by the secretive agencies they cover such as the CIA.

In the latter half, NDE researcher and founder of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Jeffrey Long, M.D., discussed the findings in the largest near-death experience study in history, involving 3,000 people from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, including nonbelievers.

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Tue 06-28  Economic Chaos/ Vatican and ETs
• _ V | Tom Horn
Wed 06-29  Naturopathic Medicine Thu 06-30  Earth Sounds and Alien Structures Fri 07-01  Open Lines


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Global Cooling/ Satanic Beliefs

In the first half, President of the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), John L. Casey, spoke about his discovery of a solar cycle that is now reversing from its global warming phase to that of dangerous global cooling for the next...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): John L. Casey, Robert Fraize

Microbial Life/ Space News

Dr. Bill Miller, a physician in academic and private practice for over 30 years, discussed how the self is composed of a vast interdependent network of cells and microbial ecologies. In the latter half, space historian and C2C Science Advisor...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Dr. Bill Miller, Robert Zimmerman

Economic & Social Trends/ Seth Messages

In the first half of the program, business consultant and financial writer George Ure provided his analysis of the economic, social, and political trends unfolding this year. In the latter half, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost detailed his...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): George Ure, Mark Allen Frost

ET Hybrids, Crop Circles, & Mini Ice Age

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the bizarre story of the alleged human-alien hybrid found dead in Los Angeles and said to be involved with the CIA; mysterious and spectacular crop formations found in the wheat...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Linda Moulton Howe, John R. Lott

Geopolitics & Current Events/ Channeled Communications

In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy Craig B. Hulet discussed the global regime of economic interdependence and how it results in conflicts all over the globe. In the latter half, author, researcher and expert in Edgar...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Craig Hulet, Wynn Free

History of Autism/ Tales of the Bizarre

In the first half, science writer Steve Silberman discussed the history of autism, and his work challenging some of the presumptions about the condition. In the latter half, one of America's leading connoisseurs of the bizarre, Marc Hartzman,...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Steve Silberman, Marc Hartzman

UFO Disclosure/ H.H. Holmes, Serial Killer

In the first half, disclosure activist Stephen Bassett talked about the importance of UFO nuclear tampering evidence, the implications of Edgar Mitchell's recent comments about UFOs, and the current political landscape for disclosure. In the...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Stephen Bassett, Jeff Mudgett

Revelation Prophecies/ Divine Phenomena

In the first half, police officer–turned senior pastor, Carl Gallups, explored coming biblical prophecies and how to prepare for the worst. In the latter half, paranormal researcher specializing in Catholic mysticism, Kevin Cook discussed...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Carl Gallups , Kevin Cook

Robotics & AI/ Alien Encounters

In the first half, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults discussed the rapid advances in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) and why some people fear they will dominate the available jobs for humans, as well as...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Charles Shults III, Diane Tessman

Predictions & Prophecies

In the first hour, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart, who developed a software-based forecasting technology called the Merlin Project, shared their interpretations of the timetraks (Merlin's graphical snapshots) of the current...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Paul Guercio, George Hart, Glynis McCants, John Hogue

Synchronicities & Crop Circles

Jungian psychology expert Gary S. Bobroff (hours 2 & 4) and systems and management consultant Cynthia Cavalli (hours 3 & 4) spoke about the role of synchronicity, and how it relates to such things as consciousness, crop circles, and the...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Cynthia Cavalli, Gary Bobroff, Lauren Weinstein

Alternative Health/ Morgellons

In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body's innate ability to heal itself through natural means and various minerals and supplements. In the latter half, TV producer/videographer and author Tim Swartz talked about his latest...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Dr. Joel Wallach, Tim Swartz

Shemitah Cycles/ Healing & Dreams

In the first half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries Jonathan Cahn discussed how omens and cycles from ancient texts are reappearing with startling similarities to the events which foretold the destruction and fall of great...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Jonathan Cahn, Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

GMO Dangers/ Tarot & Magick

In the first half, leading spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods Jeffrey Smith talked about the passage of HR1599, the DARK Act, which would eliminate states' ability to call for the mandatory labeling of foods as GMO....

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Jeffrey M. Smith, Lon Milo DuQuette

Money Mafia & ETs/ Using the 'Force'

In the first half, former Minister of National Defense in Canada, Paul Hellyer, spoke about his research into the U.S. shadow government and 'Money Mafia,' which he contends are at the apex of a cabal that's been running the U.S. and much of the...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Paul Hellyer, Joshua P. Warren

Economic Update/ Predictions

In the first half, author and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts provided an update on the current state of the economy in terms of the surging stock market, debt, and commodities. In the latter half, author, seer, and astropsychologist...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Louis Turi

Turmeric/ Prayer & Finance

In the first half of the program, researcher Christian Wilde discussed how turmeric has been shown to offer benefit to some 600 different health conditions, including Alzheimer's, depression, diabetes and MS. In the latter half, author and the...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Christian Wilde, James Paris

Night Terrors & the Hat Man/ Open Lines

In the first half, George Noory welcomed paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis for a discussion on night terrors as well as an entity known as the 'Hat Man.' Followed by Open Lines in the second half.

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Heidi Hollis

Cold Fusion/ Witchcraft & Psychic Abilities

In the first half, electronics engineer and friend of the late Eugene Mallove, Bill "Doc" Harrington, discussed the process of cold fusion (a type of nuclear reaction), including secrets about what makes it work, and why it's...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Bill Harrington, Ellen Dugan

Time Travel & Physics

Professor of theoretical physics at University of Connecticut Ronald Mallett presented an update on the work at the Large Hadron Collider, as well as the latest in his work on time travel, and the centennial celebration of Einstein's general...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Ronald L. Mallett, Peter Glidden

Detonations on Mars/ Past Lives & UFOs

John Brandenburg, PhD, a plasma physicist, discussed data he presented at the prestigious Lunar and Planetary Science Conference on evidence for nuclear detonations on Mars, in the first half. In the latter half, UFO researcher Kevin D. Randle...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Dr. John Brandenburg, Kevin D. Randle

Planet X/ Spontaneous Human Combustion

In the first half, retired investigative researcher Bob Fletcher talked about the latest evidence for the rogue 'Planet X,' and how underground cities and hideouts have been developed for the elite to seek refuge. In the latter half,...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Bob Fletcher, Larry E. Arnold

Jade Helm/ Ancient Aliens

In the first half, documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist Alex Jones addressed such topics as Jade Helm 15, the campaign of Donald Trump, and the agenda of the Global Elite. In the latter half, engineering consultant, rogue...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Alex Jones, Mike Bara

Jade Helm & Giants

Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed details of the Jade Helm 15 exercise going on right now and also covered his ongoing research into giants, including details on an expedition to South America, and manuscripts from the Conquistadors...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino, Jonathan Emord

Unexplained Disappearances

Researcher and author David Paulides, who worked in law enforcement in the San Francisco Bay Area, talked about the disproportionate number of mysterious disappearances happening in our national parks and new hair-raising cases and the patterns...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): David Paulides, Craig Hulet

Gef the Talking Mongoose & Lurancy Vennum's Possession

Researcher Jay Hansen has been an avid student of the paranormal since he was seven years old. Over the years, he has examined virtually all aspects of the strange and supernatural. Hansen shared some of the bizarre stories he's uncovered,...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Jay Hansen
Showing 211 - 240 of 3520
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