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Researcher and monster investigator Linda Godfrey discussed her strange creature investigations and the bizarre discoveries associated with them. "I seem to be getting more reports in which it was obvious there were connections to other things," she said, noting a possible link between creatures, such as bigfoot and upright canines, and unexplainable lights, UFOs, weird zones of quietness, strange mists, and portals.

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Sat 10-22  American Conspiracies/ Biblical Prophecy Sat 10-22  Art Bell: Somewhere in Time
Sun 10-23  Bayou Killings/ Unmasking of a Cult Mon 10-24  Hollywood Ghosthunters/ Secret Space Programs Tue 10-25  Secret UFO Bases/ Hauntings & the Paranormal Wed 10-26  War on Witches/ Open Lines Thu 10-27  Earthfiles WikiLeaks Special Fri 10-28  Demonic Hauntings


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Psychology & Mind
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Show Archive

Bayou Killings/ Unmasking of a Cult

First Half: Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight women were discovered around the murky canals of a bayou town in Louisiana, leading local law enforcement officials to pursue a serial killer theory. Author and investigator Ethan Brown joins...

Host: George Knapp
Guest(s): Ethan Brown, Meagen Gibson, Alex Howard

Grief Dreams/ Open Lines

In the first half, researcher Joshua Black talked about his study of grief dreams. Grief dreams can be referred to by many names: bereavement dreams, dreams after loss, dreams of the deceased, visitation dreams. Open Lines were featured in the...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Joshua Black

Secret Door XVII

George Noory had fun trying to guess who was behind the Secret Door, in hours 2, 3, & 4. First through the door was mentalist and memory expert Jim Karol, followed by medium and paranormal investigator Chip Coffey, and rock 'n' roll author R....

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Teresa St. Frances, Jim Karol, Chip Coffey, R. Gary Patterson

Medical Controversies/ Lucid Dreaming

In the first half, investigative medical reporter Jon Rappoport discussed the latest in the Zika virus controversy, a new CDC ruling that allows mandatory detention and inoculation without a person's consent, and the new rule in California...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Jon Rappoport, David Jay Brown

BTK Killer/ Secret Space Programs

In the first half, Katherine Ramsland, director of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program at DeSales University, discussed her most recent work studying Dennis Rader, the B.T.K. killer who remained on the loose for thirty years. In the...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Katherine Ramsland, Michael E. Salla

Power of Consciousness/ Open Lines

Former environmental lawyer David T. Nicol, PhD is the founder and Executive Director of the Gaiafield Project and Institute for Subtle Activism. In the first half, he discussed the power of consciousness and the scientific research into...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): David Nicol

Psychic Ramifications of 9/11

Mark Anthony the "Psychic Lawyer," a medium who specializes in communication with spirits, joined Dave Schrader (email) to discuss the psychic ramifications of 9/11 on the world and on those who survived, as well as stories about...

Host: Dave Schrader
Guest(s): Mark Anthony, Brad Meltzer

Cutting Edge Space Exploration/ Brain Power

In the first half, George spoke with Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, who talked about the evidence for the Big Bang and the possibilities of interstellar travel. In the third hour, brain boost teacher Neil Slade discussed how to release your brain's capacity...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Hakeem Oluseyi, Neil Slade

Voting Machines/ Sociology of Hauntings

First Half: Founder of Black Box Voting, a nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative reporting and public education organization for elections, Bev Harris, has become known for her work researching the truth behind electronic voting machines. She...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Bev Harris, Dennis Waskul

EMP Attack/ Brain & the Paranormal

In the first half, historian William R. Forstchen, PhD, updated the ongoing campaign to bolster energy and communications infrastructure against an EMP attack, and what the effects of such a calamity would be. In the latter half, author and...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): William R. Forstchen, Matthew Alper

Patty Hearst Conspiracy/ Laws of Change

In the first half, author and researcher Brad Schreiber discussed the startling evidence that the Symbionese Liberation Army and Donald DeFreeze (who were behind the kidnapping of Patty Hearst) were CIA operatives and that the SLA was created by...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Brad Schreiber, Stephan Schwartz

Self-Enrichment / Out-of-Body Travel

In the first half, chronicler of the occult and esoteric, Mitch Horowitz, discussed the "13 steps to riches" (from Napoleon Hill's classic book Think and Grow Rich), why they work, and the one thing that people seeking prosperity must...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Mitch Horowitz, Luis Minero
Show Archive

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 6/17/96 when Art performs a live remote viewing experiment where he thought of an object, and asks the audience to name exactly what it is. Listen to find out if anyone nailed it!

Host: Art Bell - Somewhere In Time

Bilderberg Group & ETs/ Internal GPS

In the first half, pioneer in the development of exopolitics, Michael Salla discussed his latest article, "Resolving The Bilderberg Group Mystery: Global Banking, Nazis, and Alien Alliances." In the latter half, entrepreneur and...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Michael E. Salla, Zen DeBrucke

Election Predictions/ Spiritual Mind Development

In the first half, prophecy expert John Hogue returned to weigh in on the election cycle, and the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In the latter half, alternative magazine publisher for over 30 years, Colleen Mauro, discussed her...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): John Hogue, Colleen Mauro

Past Life Regression/ Open Lines

Licensed marriage and family therapist Ann C. Barham discussed the power of past life regression therapy to unlock a healing pathway that can help resolve enduring personal issues, and answer spiritual questions about one's life purpose. Followed...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Ann Barham

Prayer & Finances/ Evolution vs. Creation

In the first half, author and the editor-in-chief of ChristianMoney.com, James Paris, shared his story about his personal financial downfall and how he was able to recover and change his fate. In the latter half, Family Practice physician Dr. Bo...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): James Paris, Dr. Bo Kirkwood

Ancient ET War & Animal Mutilations

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe talked to Tom DeLonge and Bill Tompkins, who both have new books that detail an ancient alien war on Earth that uses unwitting humans as surrogate pawns. She also covered recent animal...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Other Side Communications/ Midweek Open Lines

In the first half, clinical psychologist and a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, Matthew McKay discussed how the murder of his son, Jordan, sent him on a journey in search of ways to communicate with him. He recounted his efforts --...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Matthew McKay

Magic of Compassion/ Spirit Communications

In the first half, James R. Doty, M.D., the director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education,discussed his journey to find comfort after a difficult childhood and how his life was changed at age twelve when he wandered...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Dr. James Doty, Kim Russo

Free Energy/ Mind Potential

In the first half, consultant Joel Garbon discussed his 25 years of travels through a fascinating international scene some call the free energy underground. In the latter half, psychiatrist Dr. Norman Rosenthal, who first described seasonal...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Joel Garbon, Dr. Norman Rosenthal
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