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Maryland Radio Stations

* Art Bell: Somewhere In Time
Market Station Wattage Freq Air Time
Baltimore WCBM-AM 50 KW 680 M-F: 1a-6a

Sat: 1a-5a

Sun: 1a-5a
Cumberland WCBC-AM 5 KW 1270 M-F: 1a-6a

Sat: 1a-6a

Sun: 1a-5a
Frederick WFMD-AM 5KW/2.5 KW 930 M-F: 1a-6a

Sat: 10p-1a *

Sat: 1-6a

Sun: 1a-5a

Pocomoke City WICO-FM 92.5 M-F 1a-6a
Salisbury WICO-AM 1320 M-F 1a-6a

Sat: 1a-5a

Sun: 1a-5a

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