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Recognizing Spiritual Experiences / Open Lines
Recognizing Spiritual Experiences / Open Lines
Dr. Jonathan Ellerby discussed spiritual experiences, why people sometimes dismiss them, and how they can impact our lives. Open Lines followed in the second half of the program.


Justice for Epstein Victims / Moon Landing Hoax
Justice for Epstein Victims / Moon Landing Hoax

Epstein Justice is a non-profit working on behalf of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein. The directors of the group, Nick Bryant and Pete Shinn, join guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss their efforts to have the perpetrators in the Epstein trafficking network face justice. Followed by Bart Sibrel, known for his research into the conspiracy that the Apollo moon landings were hoaxed. He'll share his harrowing encounters with agents from secret US government agencies, who he says were trying to stop him from revealing the truth.

From 6-10pm PT, Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to 2/28/97 when bioethicist Kevin FitzGerald discussed the implications of cloning.

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