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Nightmares & Dreams / Paranormal Travel
Nightmares & Dreams / Paranormal Travel
Dream interpreter Layne Dalfen talked about her dream analysis process and the benefits of nightmares. Followed by Michael Brein, aka "The Travel Psychologist," with tales of the paranormal and the strange.


Facebook Censorship / Hauntings & the Paranormal
Facebook Censorship / Hauntings & the Paranormal

First Half: Attorney Kent Heckenlively and Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig will discuss the inner workings of Facebook and why the platform is rapidly losing favor with most demographics except Baby Boomers. 

Second Half: A nurse for 34 years, specializing in urology and geriatrics, Lynn Monet purchased a home that turned out to be haunted. She'll reveal the horrors her family endured while living there, and how the ordeal challenged her faith. Subsequently, she opened up to the realities of the paranormal realm and her own innate abilities to see earthbound spirits, as wells as other dimensions.

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