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Ancient 'Alien' Artifacts / ET Interactions
Ancient 'Alien' Artifacts / ET Interactions
Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his new documentary exploring ancient 'alien' artifacts. Followed by UFO researcher and experiencer Tony Topping on his ET encounters and missions.


Traumatic Brain Injury / The Crystal Caves
Traumatic Brain Injury / The Crystal Caves

First Half: With a background in analytical chemistry combined with his internal medicine career, Dr. David W. Smith has insight into energy interactions and impartations to the human body, which have proven useful in studying Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). He'll discuss his fascinating 15-year journey discovering, studying, and commercializing the Q-Collar and other world-changing inventions and how examples from nature paved the way.

Second Half: C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones features her interview with gemologist Leela Hutchison, and her exploration of the Crystal Caves in Mexico.

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