Crop Circles/ Govt.UFO Secrecy

By Coast to Coast AM Staff - January 17, 2015
Date Saturday - January 17, 2015
Host George Knapp
Guests Nancy TalbottJames E. Clarkson

Joining George Knapp in the first half, Director of the BLT Research Team, Nancy Talbott, discussed the latest in crop circle research along with photographic proof that a National Geographic production team knowingly lied to the public in a documentary regarding crop formations. According to Talbott, the film crew taped a team of hoaxsters pretending to flatten the plants in an already-existing crop circle and the audience is never informed about this fact. Her experience with National Geographic notwithstanding, Talbott commended how far some members of the media have come regarding the crop circle phenomena. "They know that there's something substantive that indicates that not all crop circles are manmade," she said.

Geometric symmetry is not the measure of a genuine formation, Talbott continued. Plants within a crop circle do experience real measurable physical changes, she explained. The first and most reliable visible sign is the elongation of the apical node in flattened crops, Talbott noted. Another piece of factual evidence is the presence of expulsion cavities, she added. "Both of those physical changes are caused, we believe, by the internal moisture inside the plant stem being heated up in very brief nanosecond burst of intense heat," she said, suggesting microwave radiation as a possible heating source. Talbott also talked about a formation that she witnessed being made as well as a crop circle hot spot in southern Holland which seems linked to Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke.


During the latter half of the show, James Clarkson, an investigator with over 30 years experience in criminal investigation and the mysterious world of UFOs, related the amazing story June Crain told to him about crashed UFOs and the Air Force. Clarkson recalled first meeting Crain after a 1993 lecture and being told by her, "You're right, the government knows all about UFOs and they're keeping it a secret." Crain worked as a clerk stenographer at Wright-Patterson AFB from 1942-1952 and held a Q-level security clearance, Clarkson said.

She had been around rocket scientists from New Mexico who openly talked about being under UFO surveillance, he continued. One officer, known to Crain only by rank and first name, who flew in regularly from New Mexico had arrived visibly upset one day, Clarkson reported. Master Sergeant Clarence announced that he had a cargo of small gray non-human bodies with him and Crain indicated it was common knowledge these bodies were being stored in a lab on base, he added. Clarkson also shared the time Crain was given a piece of 'memory metal' that she described as feather light, unable to be cut or pierced, and when folded could return to its original shape.



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