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Researcher and photographer Caroline Davies discusses her involvement with a documentary called "The Mystery of the Sphinx." Davies thinks the sphinx is much older than we originally thought, and details a correlation between the Sphinx and the Face on Mars.

Boris Said shared his story of filming a documentary named "Secret Chamber" about the Egyptian pyramids, and a long forgotten passageway found by some boys who fell through an ancient well. He believes there may be a library of ancient books in the chamber.

Brittany Petros from the show "Big Brother" talks about her time on the program in the first hour. Main guest, reality TV producer Burt Kearns revealed the inside story on the way that reality shows are produced and how they were changing at the time.

In the first hour, Mark Burnett, producer of reality programs such as "Eco-Challenge" and “Survivor,” speaks about how he created these highly-rated programs. Hours 2-4 featured Howard Rheingold, an authority on the convergence of various forms of technology.

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz speaks about the science behind remote viewing and experiments in parapsychology. In the first hour, a caller from Michigan talks about hitting a Bigfoot with his car and hiding it in his fallout shelter.

Dale Graff, the former Director of Project Stargate discussed remote viewing, which was used to gather intelligence. For 17 years, he was the leading expert in the US Defense Dept. on issues like ESP and remote viewing.

In this Open Lines "Truth or Trash" special, Art asked listeners to tell stories and he and other callers passed judgment on the truth or untruth of the tales.

Art opens the lines for "Truth or Trash," with the stipulation of no paranormal stories allowed. The caller's job is to either tell a true story that is so incredible that the panel will think is a lie - or to sell a huge lie so it sounds true.


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