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Creationist spokesman Carl Edward Baugh joined Art to speak about his theory that dinosaurs could not have lived in the time that paleontology indicates, and his search for living dinosaurs. He also shared his idea that man appeared on Earth only 6000 years ago.

Anthropologist and shaman Dr. Hank Wesselman discusses human origins and the debate between creationism and evolution. He also delves into his metaphysical experiences.

Lori Toye shared earth change prophecies she received from four spirit beings or "master teachers" while she was in trance and dream states. The last hour featured Open Lines.

Author Paul Coulbeck spoke about the building of a granite spacecraft based on plans revealed to a Canadian man during a UFO abduction.

In this special program, Art debuted Antichrist Open Lines for those who contend that they themselves are the Antichrist. The last hour was reserved for would-be female Antichrists.

Author Kathleen Keating discusses threats and prophecies of biblical and political disasters, UFOs, and her encounter with the Antichrist. She speaks of the Antichrist's identity in coded language but Art won't let her reveal the actual identity of the person.

Whitley Strieber, Roger Leir, Linda Moulton Howe, and Bill Hamilton discuss crop circles, earth changes, a government program with a live alien, and a dramatic UFO case known as "Brazil’s Roswell."

In this UFO spectacular, activist Stephen Bassett joined Art to delve into UFO research, disclosure, and revelations with an array of guests including Joe Firmage, Dr. Steven Greer, Richard C. Hoagland, Peter Gersten, Jim Marrs, James Erjavec, and William J. Birnes.


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