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Professional adventurer Robert Young Pelton describes the world’s most dangerous places and how to survive in extreme environments. He recalls some of his most tense and amazing adventures in places and cultures around the world, as well as a history of geopolitical situations.

Environmental attorney Stanley Alpert shared his life and death story of being kidnapped by a gang of NYC robbers. His harrowing ordeal began in January 1998 when he was forced into a car at gunpoint while walking on a street in Greenwich Village.

As a child, theoretical physicist Dr. Ron Mallett became enthralled with the science fiction novel "The Time Machine" and had plans for a machine that can travel backward in time. He described his theories in detail, how they are based on Einstein’s ideas about relativity.

The late Dr. Fred Bell was a former NASA engineer and had a doctorate in homeopathic medicine and a master’s degree in physics. In the first two hours, he described his research and experiments with time travel. He claimed that he built a working time machine.

In this special Open Lines show, Art devotes a hotline for "dates from hell" and receives a bounty of wild responses. One man calls up about a blind date he had with a woman with three fingers.

The "Strange Universe" TV show asked Art to help them find the "Weirdest Person in America." He opens a “weird person line” to allow callers to "audition" their strange lives and personalities. In the first hour, Art plays audio of his trip to Egypt & the Great Pyramid.

Ron Regehr designed spacecraft components for the Apollo program, and researcher Derrel Sims was a former military policeman, who worked for the CIA. They discuss spy satellites, UFOs, Project Blue Book, and possible artificial structures on the moon.

For twenty years, Candice DeLong was on the front lines of some of the FBI's most memorable and gripping cases. She talks about her intriguing adventures and gives us a look at the inner workings of the FBI.


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