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Dr. Nick Begich describes his research into the dangers of the High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in Alaska, where he lives and teaches. He contends that the project presents a grave environmental danger to the atmosphere.

Meteorologist Scott Stevens argues that the weather is changing because of secret man-made attempts to control it. He cited observations and data related to various weather anomalies. In the first hour, Michael Horn talked about the Billy Meier UFO contact case.

Butch Witkowski, who started his own UFO investigation and research group, talks about discoveries regarding the bizarre phenomenon of apparent human mutilations associated with UFO sightings and experiences. He also describes a macabre 1988 case of this kind from Brazil.

PSI researcher and experiencer Starfire Tor discussed time shifts and time slips as well as other strange occurrences involving time. Whitley Strieber appeared in the first hour and first half to describe his own time slip experiences.

Author Daniel Pinchbeckshared stories of his personal explorations with psychedelic drugs, ranging from transcendent to terrifying. Pinchbeck claims that experimenting with "psychic medicines" can lead people to different concepts of society and psyche.

Art was joined by ethnopharmacologist Dr. Dennis McKenna, the late Terrence McKenna's brother. Dennis worked with Terence on several groundbreaking books sharing their discoveries about the indigenous use of plant-based psychedelics.

Art Bell hosted his Annual Predictions Show, recording listener's forecasts for 2004 via calls, emails, and faxes, and checking in on the accuracy of their predictions for the past year.

In Art Bell's New Year's Eve 1999 special, he marked the change of the millennium, and addressed fears about whether or not Y2K would cause huge problems worldwide. His guest in the first half of the show, futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion shared his predictions.


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