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Jeffrey Wandsdiscussed a variety of topics related to his work as a psychic. According to Wands, each person has a 'soul map,' a plan and set of abilities individuals bring into this life from the Spirit World.

Psychic Amelia Kinkade discussed her in-depth experiences communicating with animals. The ability to receive information from animals, she noted, is a learned skill rather than a gift. Kinkade said she is actually able to merge her consciousness with animals.

Wall St. insider Michael J. Panzner discussed the dire economic circumstances in the US and around the globe. The U.S. is not in a typical recession. Instead, he believes the crisis more closely resembles a depression, in which we can expect an extended economic contraction.

Joe Meyer, an arbitrator and mediator for the NASD and NYSE, discussed the probability of a worldwide financial meltdown looming in our future. Consumer debt is a big problem. Meyer said, "Currently, we have now outstanding consumer credit [of] $9.3 trillion."

Art Bell welcomed experimental nuclear physicist Dr. Bob Koontz, who talked about his UFO sighting in Central Pennsylvania and how it led him into a new field of research. Koontz thinks anti-gravity technology may have been keeping this slow-moving craft suspended in the air.

Reporter for Jane's Defence Weekly, Nick Cook shared an in depth conversation on the subjects of antigravity and zero point energy. He said the concept of zero point energy -- that a potential and limitless power source pervades all of space -- is "rooted in science."

Writer and researcher Lynne McTaggart discussed her new work on the science of intention, and how it relates to healing and consciousness. Living beings are receivers and transmitters of information, and thoughts have a physical reality to them, like currents of light, she stated.

Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller discussed his experiments in 'psychoenergetics,' a field which probes the power of the mind. Numerous scientific tests he conducted showed that consciousness can affect outcomes, he said.


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