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Coast Insiders - enjoy our selection of vintage, commercial-free Art Bell shows, available for streaming-on-demand for both mobile and desktop platforms. Two new programs added to the Vault each week! Not yet a Coast Insider?

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In the first hour of this all-Roswell show, Art talks about a news conference where the USAF explained Roswell as crash test dummies. In the second hour, Richard C. Hoagland comments on the Air Force news conference and the course correction schedule for the Mars Pathfinder...

This series of interviews culled from two different shows in 1997, features Col. Philip Corso and his book “The Day After Roswell” which describes possible technology recovered from the Roswell crash. The first three segments from 7/6/97 include Corso’s co-author William...

Author of "The Hot Zone," Richard Preston, featured in hours 2-4, discussed issues and extreme dangers of Ebola and similar viruses, and the possibility of biowarfare using these pathogens.

In the first four hours, Baptist minister, researcher, and author Lindsey Williams spoke to Art about the Ebola crisis, just after a deadly outbreak in Africa was announced. As a researcher into communicable diseases, he shared many frightening facts about Ebola.

Ahead of the release of the "Alien Autopsy" film, for this all-Open Lines show, Art asks any aliens listening to the program to call in.

For this all-Open Lines show, Art invites time travelers to call in, tell their stories, and prove their bonafides. One, a famous Art Bell caller named “Steve”, makes a return visit to the show and even takes calls from other listeners.

Marshall Barnes reveals his research into an alleged cover-up by the US Navy of the Philadelphia Experiment using documents, photographs, and scientific papers. In the last 3 hours Art hosts Open Lines.

Al Bielek talks about his realization that he was born under another name and participated in the famous Philadelphia Experiment to make a battleship invisible, with unexpected and tragic consequences. The first hour features News and Open Lines.


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