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Commentator James Howard Kunstler, the author of The Long Emergency, laid out what to expect, now that we are on the brink of global peak oil production. He predicted a long arc of depletion that will cause great hardships to the American economy.

Author Matt Savinar outlined a bleak future as we have reached the stage of "Peak Oil," in which worldwide oil production will begin to decline due to diminished reserves. In the years ahead, this will plunge us into a "meltdown of the modern economy," he believes.

In 1989, Dr. Richard Boylan says individuals began coming to him with stories of “star people,” He discussed how he detects non-human genes in what he claims are alien-human hybrid beings. Aliens may be trying to breed violence out of us, he suggests.

Derrel Sims, known as "The Alien Hunter," discussed the physical evidence for alien abduction. Sims revealed that he is an abductee himself, with episodes involving white, bulbous-head "entities" dating back to when he was only 3 years old.

British near-death expert, Dr. Sam Parnia, discussed his work as a critical-care physician and the NDE research that led him to write What Happens When We Die. As part of his study, Parnia examined the accounts of cardiac arrest patients who were brought back from clinical death.

Bestselling author and scholar Dr. Raymond Moody returned to the show to discuss near-death experiences (NDEs) and events associated with dying. One new development in his research seems to counter the theory that NDEs are the result of a dying brain.

Former Wall Street Journal reporter, Michael Drosnin shared details into the bizarre life of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes. He was "like a villain in James Bond movie," who had his hands in the CIA, the Pentagon, the Mafia and the White House, said Drosnin.

Pioneering theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku shared his insights into the life and work of Albert Einstein, which he explores in his book Einstein's Cosmos. Kaku said his book sought to redress previous Einstein bios which he feels misunderstood the work of his later years.


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