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Investigative mythologist William Henry talked about America's secret destiny. Henry said that Jesus visited North America 2000 years ago "to spread a secret message and hide an ancient device," which Henry believes is a dimensional gateway.

Terry and Linda, aka the Jamison psychic twins talked about how they receive information from the "Akashic Records"-- they use automatic writing to tap into this ethereal source, and offered forecasts of the future.

Researcher of ancient mythology and paranormal phenomena, Tom Horn, discussed Stargate technology, the Watchers, and transhumanism. The war in Iraq may have been staged in part to uncover technology that existed in ancient times, possibly giant Stargates, he said.

Irish author Patrick Heron shared his contention that the ancient race of Nephilim (whom he defined as fallen angels) built the pyramids of Giza and other ancient wonders. He characterized the Nephilim as evil "spirit men" who transcended the boundaries of physical science.

Astrophysicist Dr. Bernard Haisch spoke about his book, The God Theory. Unlike the majority of scientists, he thinks it's "possible to conceptualize a God that is compatible with science." Further, he believes it's rational to assume "God" is the force behind the universe.

Retired MD turned full-time author, Lee Baumann, discussed the nature of light and how it and God may possibly be one and the same. He suggested that physics shows that light and God share the same attributes: omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence.

Maverick physicist James McCanney discussed extreme weather, redirecting the path of hurricanes, and the crash of the Galileo spacecraft into Jupiter. His weather theory suggests that "jet streams are actually electrical bands of ions and electrons in the upper atmosphere.

Art presented live coverage of Hurricane Katrina for the entire program. First, Mark Sudduth of offered updates and analysis from his monitoring station. Followed by meteorologist Lyn Whitlake of KAOK in Lake Charles, and then Whitley Strieber with analysis.


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