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Ron Fink of Rapid Robots was on one of the research teams competing in the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency's race. He discussed the astounding possibilities of robotics, as well as how he's been involved in many groundbreaking technologies.

Roboticist and writer Daniel H. Wilson discussed the current state of robotics as well as the future implications of various robotic applications and AI. So-called 'Terminator' robots can run as fast as a car, but have a problem with overheating at those speeds, he reported.

Paranormal investigator and author Joshua P. Warren discussed his latest work on non-human apparitions, including inanimate objects (ghost ships), aliens and pet spirits. He said reports of "phantimals," or animal ghosts, are extremely common.

Art spoke with paranormal investigator and journalist Paul Eno, who believes that ghosts are not the spirits of dead people dwelling in a spiritual realm, but rather real live entities from parallel worlds (in the multiverse) that have impinged on our own.

Dr. Philip M. Tierno is NYU Medical Center's director of clinical microbiology and diagnostic immunology. He shared the story of bacteria, viruses, and prions and their myriad effects on human beings.

Patch Adams, the real physician behind the hit movie starring Robin Williams, shared his view that greed may be the worst problem we have to face and that the practice of medicine and greed often go hand-in-hand. He also discussed his project to fund a free hospital.

Researcher Ryan Wood discussed the evidence and government documentation for various UFO crashes. One such document, which he said has been authenticated with reasonable certainty, is a special operations manual from 1954, which outlines how to deal with a crash.

Artist and researcher Bill McDonald returned to the show to share his analysis of alien craft. In his documenting of the Roswell incident, he said he created his illustrations based on interviews with 248 reliable witnesses.


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