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Betty Eadie's Near-Death Experience

Date Wednesday - September 8, 1999
Host Art Bell

Betty Eadie joined Art to talk about her then new book The Ripple Effect during hours 2-5. While in a hospital, she had an amazing near-death experience (NDE). Her first book, Embraced by the Light, told of this and her message of God’s unconditional love. She had a huge fear of dying before her NDE but now has none after seeing the light. When she died, she looked back down at her body lying on the hospital table – never losing consciousness. At first, she was a bit frightened but she was greeted by three non-physical beings, who were like monks with brown robes.

As more time elapsed, being out of her body felt more natural to her. As she traveled over the city, she could see below the trees and flew right into her home – through the walls. Even as a spirit being, she still had some of her human emotions, but the longer she stood there, the longer she did not want to contact her family. She felt it was time for her to move on.

She threw herself down in the presence of Jesus and told him that under no circumstances did she want to return to Earth. And then the man "she knew to be Jesus" laughed – a very humorous laugh – and he told her she had a mission. She spoke about seeing other beings during her NDE and correlated this to UFOs and ETs and believes there is someone visiting us with a higher technology. In hour 5, she explains that when she woke up in the hospital, five demons came into the room. As they were approaching, a dome of light came over her body – protecting her.

In hour 1, Linda Moulton Howe reported on an odd crop circle that appeared in Canada. The largest was a 300-foot pictogram which looked like a human stick figure above a circle. Linda played audio from the farmer who discovered it, who was amazed to see wheat stems braided and interwoven with other braids of wheat. It was a crisscross pattern like a medicine wheel – he said it was a complex braid – like a girl’s hair.


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