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Bible Code Debate

Date Monday - June 11, 2001
Host Art Bell

In hours 2 and 3. Art welcomed Grant Jeffrey, a Canadian Bible prophecy teacher, and biblical scholar Mike Heiser for a debate about the Bible Code. Using computer software, the Bible Code is said to be revealed through a method called "ELS" or equidistant letter sequencing. Various phrases appear in close proximity to each other that proponents of the code claim exceed any statistical chance.

Jeffrey notes that many people believe that the Bible Code is a message, yet he also cautions that they can't necessarily be used for prophecy because most of the codes are words – not full sentences. In other words, the Bible Code is not predictive, it’s confirmation. Heiser, who wrote a book called The Bible Code Myth, finds the idea itself flawed as the code doesn't account for spelling errors or letter differences. In hour three, Art reads a question from a listener who simply asks “Who wrote the Bible anyway?” The response – it was written by 40+ people from kings to shepherds claiming they were inspired by God. Heiser argues: if you flip a coin 1000 times and record the sequence of heads or tails, the only miracle here is if you predict the sequence. He notes that what Bible Code practitioners don’t do is tell us beforehand what they are going to find.

In hour 1, Art reports on massive flooding in Texas, and ABC News reporter David Ruppe talks about Echelon, a secret government surveillance program. Open Lines are featured in Hours 4 & 5, with callers debating the idea of a one-world government, and expressing concern over Echelon, and tracking programs.


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