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Climate Catastrophe

Date Tuesday - May 1, 2001
Host Art Bell

Guest in hours 2-5, Dr. Peter Ward is a paleontologist and professor of Biology and of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle, and has written many popular science works. Speaking about his new book Rivers In Time, he believes we are in a major catastrophe now – and is "terrified" of the current climate change dilemma. Ward speculates if the temperature drops just 15 degrees in Europe due to climate change, we would be looking at a huge European meltdown.

Art brings up his book with Whitley Streiber, The Coming Global Superstorm. When they wrote the book, many people gave them a rough time including ABC News, but a year later the mainstream media was then reporting on possible rapid climate change. Ward says our grandchildren may see the end of habitability as we know it. Art asks if our misfortune at this latitude means good news for a different latitude. Ward says yes, but it still would dismantle farming and grain production – causing panic, hunger, starvation, and death. Ward suggests that a world that goes into ice becomes a dry world. Art ponders if we would starve politely or go to war over food. The extinction of humanity could be very real considering that so many species have already gone extinct, Ward cautions. Most of the deep sea creatures would be OK, but life on land would be completely different. Life, added Ward, would continue and possibly begin again.

During the first hour, Arts shares news of the day, and announces the UFO National Press Club press conference with Dr. Steven Greer. He also talks about a hacker war between US and China. Open Lines finishes out the hour.


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