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Cold Fusion

Date Tuesday - June 10, 1997
Host Art Bell

Dr. Eugene Mallove joins Art toward the beginning of the show. He was the editor and publisher of Infinite Energy Magazine, with a bachelor and master of science degree from the Mass. Institute of Technology, as well as a doctorate from Harvard in Environmental Health Sciences. He discusses the technology of a company that is working on a prototype of a water heating unit that uses free energy. They will be announcing this the next morning on Good Morning America.

It's similar, Mallove explains, to the Patterson technology which is a patented process of cold fusion. He recounts the history of the cold fusion story and how it made the cover of Time, Newsweek and Business Week in May of 1989. The phrase "cold fusion" is only used because it was named that way back when. Art loves the idea that this experiment is a water heater since it's a practical item that everyone needs. Mallove talks about how this technology will expand the space frontier enormously. They discuss the fact that a lot of hucksterism does go on in this field and how it hurts the overall idea of cold fusion. Calls come in starting in hour 3. During the program, Art also plays a tape from Joyce Riley concerning a controversy between Art and the talk show host Michael Reagan.


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