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Live Nightly 1am - 5am EST / 10pm - 2am PST

Evidence for Reincarnation

Date Tuesday - November 23, 1999
Host Art Bell

Appearing during hours 2-5, Walter Simkew MD shares his research into reincarnation, which he has come to believe is a reality. He details how a medium first introduced him to one of his past lives, which was in colonial America, possibly as John Adams (view related material). We tend to mirror our prior lives, both in physical appearance and personality, he stated, and listed examples. Art talks about religions that embrace reincarnation and Simkew details how churches took reincarnation out of their doctrine.

Wayne and Art discuss gender and sexual preference changes during reincarnation. According to Simkew, only 10 percent actually switch between lives. Phone calls are taken with one listnener describing his technique of using lucid dreams to remember past lives. Wayne tells us about a case where a person started a new life before ending the old one but he hasn't proved it yet. In hour five, they discuss animals and reincarnation.

During the first hour, Art reacts to news of the day, and shares updates on the Robert Raith/Dr. Jonathan Reed alien/oblelisk case, and an early Y2K computer glitch in Canada. Open Lines are also featured.