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Face to Face with Sasquatch

Date Tuesday - December 11, 2001
Host Art Bell

Bigfoot researcher Robert Morgan is Art’s guest in hours 2-4. The founder of the American Anthropological Research Foundation, his initial encounter took place in 1957 when he came face to face with what he calls a "giant gorilla." The creature seemed surprised to see him and quickly ran away. He recruited a 17 member science advisory board, and then organized six of the biggest and most scientific expeditions to find Bigfoot. Robert talked about a woman who often sees a Bigfoot family just sitting and watching human children play. They stay away for a reason. The more they see of the "little hairless people," the more they want nothing to do with us, he remarked.

Art brings an a second guest- to join the conversation-- a police officer calling himself Dan. He tells a story about when he and a friend went four-wheeling and saw a Bigfoot 50 feet away from them. Then six weeks later, he returned with a fellow officer, and once again had another encounter – he was 20 feet away from the creature – it had reddish brown hair and was close to 8 feet tall. Art then brings on Dan’s police partner, Jeff, during hour 3 to back-up the comments from Dan.

During the first hour, Art discusses news of the day, as well as shares updates on Area 51 and Shadow People. Open Lines are featured in the latter half of the hour.


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