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Gabriel the Mercenary

Date Friday - May 17, 2002
Host Art Bell

In hours 2, 3, & 4, "Gabriel," a mercenary, tells how he breaks people out of foreign jails. Right after getting off the phone with the producers, Gabriel said he was surrounded by 24 armed guards and they "beat the living hell out of me." They also planted guns on Gabriel and he ended up in what he thinks was a federal prison. The type of work he does, he explained, requires him to kill regularly when he is out of the country. There is a 50% chance that people in his line of work won’t come back from their first mission. Gabriel considers himself a patriot. He prefers the term "professional solider." He does not kill unless he has to – but he still does not consider himself a hit-man.

Money is the common denominator that drives everything, Gabriel revealed. There are people who are willing to put their life on the line if they can bank at least $100,000. He doesn’t always get the money up front. Sometimes it’s half at the beginning and the second half when the mission is done. He is convinced that his life might be up by the end of the year.

In hour 1, The Amazing Kreskin shared his prediction that there would be a large UFO sighting in Nevada and even put up $50,000 to back up his prediction.