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Ghosts, Demons, and Dreams

Date Wednesday - February 16, 2000
Host Art Bell

The first hour and a half features Lawrence, a man in WV who is living a real life ghost story. He talked about having entities in his house that touch him and terrorize him every day. His friend also confirms that these beings are indeed haunting him. Lawrence says he has lost everything due to this entity. He claims to have videotaped evidence, and also reveals that the home he bought is on Native American land.

Then, dream expert and author Lauri Quinn Loewenberg and parapsychologist Katia Romanoff joined Art to discuss dreams, ghosts, and spirits. The women comment on Lawrence's story. As a parapsychologist, Romanoff believes the story and argues these entities absolutely exist. The two discuss the idea of a "dead spirit," and while some would call these demons, the guests conclude Lawrence's ghost was a Native American entity. In hour 3, the conversation turns toward dreams. The women wonder if these beings communicate with Lawrence during his sleep. Art shares some weird dreams he has been having recently. The last hour of the show features Open Lines.


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