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Interviews with Vampires

Date Monday - July 15, 1996
Host Art Bell

During the opening hour, Art talks about UFOs, and his possession of "Art's Parts," wondering if he may be holding the smoking gun of alien life. He reads a fax in hour two from a person who thinks one of Art's past guests is evil. The person in question was a woman who considers herself a vampire. Art then tries to locate a vampire on the phone lines.

On the Vampire Line, a man reveals he lost his soul but is not concerned. Another caller talks about needing blood from a person at least twice a week. He says there is nothing to fear now. Art asks him if he's evil. The man responds, what's the difference? A woman calls up to discuss how she was once a vampire. She says God doesn’t hold it against you if you don’t know what you’re getting into. She said it was absolute evil, and that it was all about sex. A super nice and oddly delightful "vampire" calls in during the last hour.


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Judge James Gray outlined issues facing the criminal justice system. Followed by Paul Anthony Wallis on ET origins in mythology and the Bible.

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