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Montana Freemen Standoff

Date Wednesday - March 27, 1996
Host Art Bell

Art delves into the standoff in Montana with the Freemen in this episode from 3/27/96. He opens one of the lines for people in Montana only. During the first hour, one caller describes how he was attacked by deputy marshals. This man has been in contact with the Freemen. There was an order to keep him in the county. Art asks why there would be a court order to keep him from travel. It turns out he was caught driving without a license. He has been fighting the system saying it’s his right to travel – citing “hundreds” of cases showing everyone has a right to travel without a license. This man considers himself a “Freeman.”

One woman who calls in from Montana is thrilled the FBI are finally involved to stop these guys. A woman from Montana who considers herself a member of the militia says the Freemen are not members of the militia. Art mentions that it’s not fair the media are calling these guys members of a militia. One caller said he was getting involved with a “militia” group and determined they weren’t very objective – once he started doing research on his own, he left the group. The chairmen of the "Tri-state" militias calls in – he says these men are not being charged with their “freemen” activities. They are being charged with criminal activity of writing fake checks. He says this is no Waco, TX. In hour 4, Art puts two callers on together so they can debate each other on the topic.


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