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Mysterious Bible Codes

Date Monday - July 7, 1997
Host Art Bell

Director of research for the Meru Foundation, Stan Tenen, discussed mysterious codes in the Bible in hours 1-4. According to Tenen, the original Hebrew version in the OId Testament has patterns in the letters, but once the translation occurred, the codes were lost.

These codes are literally woven into the texts. There are even geometric patterns that allow a person to enter an altered state of consciousness that can help them experience creation, he claims. During one moment, after writing down letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Tenen got dizzy and felt like he was in a tube or tunnel where the walls were turning around him and made of flame. They consisted of letters of the Hebrew alphabet – one after another – in a continuous stream.

Tenen believes the coded patterns in the Hebrew Bible led to the construction of the alphabet. He also traces much of this back to the pyramids and how mathematically, when he connected the letters in the Bible, it made a pyramid. Open Lines calls are featured in the last hour.


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