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Near-Death & Out-of-Body Experiences

Date Friday - April 10, 1998
Host Art Bell

Clinical psychologist J. Timothy Green joined Art for hours 2-4 to talk about Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). Green said to have an NDE, one doesn’t have to be dying or near death – he suggested out-of-body experiences are the best evidence of an afterlife or an astral type plane. Green noted there has never been a child who has seen their mother or father in an NDE unless their parents were dead. They would see grandparents, siblings or pets that have died. People who have NDEs never wake up saying they are afraid of dying, they look upon death the way most people view coming home after a vacation. They actually start looking forward to death, he remarked.

Green also discussed the concept of ecstasy – the experience of finding your conscious awareness outside of your physical body. It happens during NDEs, lucid dreaming, and OBEs. The highest form is found in shamanism – where an expert shaman can do this anytime they want. Green addressed lucid dreaming in hour 3. In the late 1970s, researchers at Stanford proved you can be both asleep and conscious at the same time.

During Hour 1, Stan Deyo discusses El Nino and climate change issues. Open Lines are also featured in Hours 1 & 5.


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