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Rev. Howard Storm was the head of the United Zion Church of Christ in OH. Previously, he was an atheist and says he went to hell and back during an NDE.

Betty Eadie speaks on her NDE her visit to heaven and how it affected her. In the first hour, Linda Moulton Howe reports on new crop circles in Canada.

In this night of Open Lines, Art conducts a live remote viewing experiment.

This Remote Viewing special featured a trio of renowned remote viewers who served in the government's secret Project Stargate.

Scientist Peter Ward speaks on climate “catastrophe” and warns of sudden climate change. First hour features news and Open Lines.


Eugene Linden discusses the evidence for climate change and how other climate shifts have affected human history. Hour 1 features news of the day and Open Lines.

Grant Jeffrey and Michael Heiser debated the controversial idea that there is a message embedded in the language of the Bible called the 'Bible code.' First hour includes an interview with reporter David Ruppe on the Echelon spy network. The last two hours feature Open Lines.

Director of research for the Meru Foundation, Stan Tenen, discussed mysterious codes and patterns in the Bible. These codes, he says, are literally woven into the texts. There are even geometric patterns that allow a person to enter an altered state of consciousness.

Astronomer Seth Shostak talks about the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program and the possibilities for discovery of ETs by monitoring radio signals from space.

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, Executive Director of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) League, speaks about the logistics of listening to radio waves from space to search for an alien civilizations.

Theoretical physicist Dr. Eltjo Hasselhoff shares his scientific analysis of crop circles, and details strange biological changes in the plants

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