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Art Bell Vault

Welcome to the Art Bell Vault!

Coast Insiders-- enjoy our selection of vintage, commercial-free Art Bell shows, available for streaming-on-demand for both mobile and desktop platforms. Two new programs added to the Vault each week!

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In this 1997 classic, Col. Philip Corso talks about examining Roswell crash relics as well as ET bodies.

Bob Lazar tells his first-hand story of working with ET craft at a secretive facility at Area 51.

Art delves into the controversies surrounding the Montana Freemen, and the militia movement, with both participants and opponents.

Along with special guests, Art decided to open the lines on September 11, 2011, to allow the audience to share their thoughts on the tragedies of the day.

'Dr. Doom' Ed Dames makes his Coast to Coast AM debut in this unforgettable program.


Dr. Ronald Klatz joins Art to talk about immortality and cloning. He is recognized as a leading authority of anti-aging medicine.

In this show from June 1995, a private investigator calling himself "Mike" talked about his investigation of the Oklahoma City bombings, and the possibility of a "John Doe #2" being involved with the attack.

In this show from 2002, "Gabriel," a mercenary, tells how he breaks people out of foreign jails. The type of work he does, he explained, requires him to kill regularly when he is out of the country. In hour 1, the Amazing Kreskin shared his prediction that there'll be a large UFO sighting in Nevada.

Clinical psychologist J. Timothy Green talks about Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), which along with OBEs, he argues are the best evidence of an afterlife or an astral-type plane.

In this show from 6/1/01, Art opens the lines for "Truth or Trash," with the stipulation of no paranormal stories allowed. Only weird stories of the unbelievable. Art encourages the audience to lie. The caller's job is to either tell a true story that is so incredible that the panel will think is a lie - or to sell a huge lie so it sounds true.

Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku makes his first-ever appearance on the program, talking about multiple dimensions as well as hyperspace.

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