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Physicist and astronomer Roy Tucker discusses the possibility and effects of an asteroid hitting the Earth. He also describes how he discovered three Near-Earth asteroids and a comet. In the first hour, UFO researcher Peter Davenport reports on intriguing UFO sightings.

Physicist Dr. Ramon Lopez speaks on dangers from the Sun such as mass ejections, flares, and storms. In the first hour, Art reads news and Richard C. Hoagland talks about an exciting phone call with a NASA scientist.

"Rocket Guy" Brian Walker describes his plan to build a rocket and launch himself into space, saying that if the government doesn't let him, he'll do it from Mexico. Open Lines in the first hour.

Ky Michaelson, a stuntman, who builds and sells giant model rockets, talked about his fascination with rockets, some of which, he claimed, are able to reach space.

Independent Journalist William Thomas discusses the evidence for and effects of apparent aerial spraying for possible weather control and biological warfare testing. Hour 1 features Open Lines, Stan Deyo, a call from a tree-sitter.


Researcher and filmmaker Jose Escamilla (and associate Jim Peters) speak about the phenomenon of "rods" and how they might be some sort of new, unknown life form. The first hour features news and Open Lines.

Bioethicist Dr. Ronald Munson spoke about the future of and advances in cloning, stem cell research, and other human biotechnologies.

Dr. Kevin FitzGerald, a geneticist, cancer researcher, and Jesuit priest, spoke about the techniques and ethics of cloning. The cloning of Dolly the sheep had just been announced in the news.

Geologist Jim Berkland spoke on his methods for predicting earthquakes with uncanny accuracy using gravitational, magnetic, and other data, as well as the behavior of animals. Berkland answers callers from the third hour to the end.

Climatologist Ted Bryant talks about ancient tsunamis and how they changed the ancient landscape, and what might happen when they hit in the future. Art reads and discusses news items in the first hour.

Rev. Howard Storm was the head of the United Zion Church of Christ in OH. Previously, he was an atheist and says he went to hell and back during an NDE.

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