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Evelyn Paglini, a Strega witch, describes her practice and rituals, as well as some of the disturbing rituals practiced by other religions/organizations.

The first two hours feature Hector "Tito" Armstrong and Mark Huntsinger discussing the strange creature known as the chupacabras, and its possible relation to UFO activity. Hour 4 delves into the Freeman standoff and militia controversy.

In this intriguing program from December 2001, Bigfoot researcher Robert Morgan and two police officers share testimonies of their encounters with the enigmatic creatures.

The late author Jim Marrs makes his first appearance on the show discussing the alien agenda, remote viewing, Roswell, animal mutilations, and ancient structures on the moon and Mars.

Author Robert Anton Wilson details various conspiracies, some of which, he says, date back to the time of Atlantis.


In this 1997 classic, Col. Philip Corso talks about examining Roswell crash relics as well as ET bodies.

Bob Lazar tells his first-hand story of working with ET craft at a secretive facility at Area 51.

Art delves into the controversies surrounding the Montana Freemen, and the militia movement, with both participants and opponents.

Along with special guests, Art decided to open the lines on September 11, 2001, to allow the audience to share their thoughts on the tragedies of the day.

'Dr. Doom' Ed Dames makes his Coast to Coast AM debut in this unforgettable program.

Dr. Ronald Klatz joins Art to talk about immortality and cloning. He is recognized as a leading authority of anti-aging medicine.

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