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We travel back to April 3, 2002, when Art is joined by members the Ghost Investigators Society, Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeath, who share a series of mind blowing EVPs from what may be the ghosts of children.

Bigfoot researcher Robert Morgan was joined by a man named 'Bugs,' who claimed to have shot two of the legendary creatures back in the 1970s.

Ghost expert Laurie Jacobson talks about spirits, trapped souls, and the afterlife.

Returning to September 7, 1999, physicist and remote viewer Russell Targ talked about ESP, UFOs, remote viewing, and the power of the mind.

Dannion Brinkley recalled his near-death experience which occurred after he'd been struck by lightning and was left with no brain activity nor pulse for a whopping 28 minutes


Legendary UFO researcher John Lear shared revelations about the mysterious aerial phenomena in our skies.

Efiong Sam declared that he is from a lost tribe from Nigeria and says God is now on Earth and God is a member of his tribe.

In an unforgettable program, a Satan-loving witch named Harlot is interviewed by Art and expresses unapologetic glee about all things evil.

On the C2C edition of October 22, 1997, "Officer X" tells Art about how a nuclear submarine lost contact and nearly launched a deadly missile by mistake.

In this five-hour show from 8/19/97, rocket scientist David Adair shared an incredible story of how he was taken to Area 51 to see an alien spacecraft.

Dr. Steven Greer discusses the origins of the UFO disclosure project and Mel Waters shares details about a hole in his yard that has no bottom.

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