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Dr. H. Paul Shuch, Executive Director of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) League, speaks about the logistics of listening to radio waves from space to search for an alien civilizations.

Theoretical physicist Dr. Eltjo Hasselhoff shares his scientific analysis of crop circles, and details strange biological changes in the plants

Author Doug Ruby spoke about crop circles and possible technology for flying saucers embedded in the designs seen by spinning them in 3D.

Famed modern Christian mystic Elizabeth Clare Prophet joined Art for a riveting discussion of the afterlife and reincarnation. The last hour featured Open Lines with callers reacting to Prophet's controversial statements.

Physician Dr. Walter Semkiw discusses his research into the evidence for reincarnation. The first hour featured news and Open Lines.


Art Bell, in his last official show as the host of Coast to Coast AM, conducted a classic evening of radio, reviewing 123 predictions from the year 2002, and soliciting new ones for 2003 from listeners, as well as featuring surprise guest appearances.

In Art Bell's New Year's Eve 1999 special, he marked the change of the millennium. Futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion shared his predictions for the new year, as well as those from callers.

Brad Steiger joins Art to talk about the new book they co-wrote, "The Source," which weaves together such topics as end-of-the-world prophesies and prophets, near-death and out-of-body experiences, and conspiracies and government cover-ups.

Acclaimed UFO researcher Stanton Friedman delves into about ufology, UFO skeptics, and the MJ-12 papers.

'Alien Hunter' and investigator Derrel Sims reveals details about abductions and experiments. In the first hour, Whitley Strieber reports on a Gulf Breeze UFO.

Contactee Alex Collier shares messages from the Andromedans, a group of time traveling aliens.

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