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Project HAARP

Date Friday - February 16, 1996
Host Art Bell

Researcher and author Dr. Nick Begich joins Art for an in-depth interview about Project HAARP. Running since December of 1994, the Project is designed to handle 1 billion watts – but they run it at a third of its potential, Begich explains. Art describes the field of antennas that is about 5-6 acres of land that's taken up by this array. It's designed so they can expand it. There is a second phase of the program that will expand its power levels.

Art breaks the story of a huge earthquake near Indonesia and close to New Guinea. Begich contends that the military should not be experimenting with HAARP-type technology without informing the populace, and that it can make people ill, create disorientation or mood swings, stop the heart, though also perhaps enhance a "sixth sense" in some individuals – by stroking the ionosphere with electromagnetic power.

Begich discusses the relationship between Tesla and HAARP in hour three. There were three notations about weapon systems invented by Tesla using electricity. Art discusses his conversation with John Heckscher, the HAARP program manager, who was given the chance to appear in a non-contentious interview to explain their view of the Project. He first declined and then said even if he wanted to, his bosses said no.

During the first hour, Art talks about a phone call he received from Budd Hopkins about being "set up" in an appearance on the PBS NOVA science program dealing with the subject of alien abduction. Art also discusses the political news of the day, and earthquakes.


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