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The Night of 9-11

Date Tuesday - September 11, 2001
Host Art Bell

Along with special guests, Art decided to open the lines on the evening of September 11, 2001, to allow the audience to share their thoughts on the tragedies of the day. He brought on the president of Premiere Radio, Kraig Kitchin, who was in NYC during the attack. Whitley Strieber joined the show in the second half of hour 1 to share his thoughts on the day too. Whitley talked about the astronauts in the space station who could see the fires burning from space.

Art noted that people were comparing this to Pearl Harbor, but unlike that attack, this one was aimed directly at civilians. A woman from Australia talked about how she was alarmed at the loss of life and how the people of Australia were reacting to the attacks. Ed Dames joined Art in hour 2 to share his reactions. He said the best remote viewers have been working all day on the origins of the attacks. He says it was planned and executed from Afghanistan in the city of Kandahar. Frank Jones – a private security expert -- joined the conversation in Hour 3. He talked about the US being in a false sense of security in airports. "We seem," he said, "to focus most of our energies in the nation to reactive policies instead of proactive.”


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