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Voices from the Dead

Date Wednesday - April 3, 2002
Host Art Bell

We journey back to April 3, 2002, when Art is joined by members the Ghost Investigators Society, Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeath, who share a series of mind blowing EVPs from what may be the ghosts of children.

Their equipment consists of cameras, tape recorders, sound meters, motion detectors, infrared, and other such devices that help them locate anomalies. While they realize that some members are more "sensitive" than others at feeling or sensing a ghostly presence, they do not use psychics, nor do they encourage anyone who claims to be psychic to attend any of their investigations.

In the first hour, Art talks about the website just about to reach 100 million visitors, and offers a prize for the person who hits the 100 million mark. After Art mentions the website prize, the site goes offline because so many people are trying to access it. Moments later, Art announces he has a winner and brings the lucky person on the air to congratulate him.


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Ryan Burns reported on the latest at Skinwalker Ranch. Herman Groman discussed his undercover FBI investigations, including the "White Boy Rick" case.

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