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10 Unsettling Encounters with 'Black-Eyed Kids'

10 Unsettling Encounters with 'Black-Eyed Kids'

For those unfortunate enough to encounter the unsettling paranormal entities known as 'Black-Eyed Children,' the experience has proven to be rather unforgettable.

These now-notorious figures have become a fixture of paranormal lore due to their unsettling transformation from sympathetic children seeking shelter to black-eyed entities that strike fear in the hearts of those who encounter them.

The website Listverse has compiled a collection of ten tales of Black-Eyed Children reports that could serve as fine campfire fodder for anyone looking for a scary story to share this summer.

And while many of the stories took place sometime in the last few years, reflecting the seemingly recent emergence of the phenomenon, some tales suggest that the Black-Eyed Kids may have been around much longer than one might suspect.

One weird encounter happened in 1974, when a pair of men in France spotted five child-like figures wearing long nightgowns and sporting solid black eyes.

When one of the children beckoned the men to come closer, the terrified witnesses quickly departed the scene and only returned after they had convinced others to come with them to investigate the situation.

Of course, by then the troubling tots were nowhere to be found.

Even further back is a case from 1950 when a teenager was approached by a young child who insisted that the teen take him to his house.

Upon seeing the BEK's black eyes, the witness thought to himself that he had better make a hasty exit, but was even more unnerved when the entity seemingly read his mind and declared "don't you run away from me!"

Despite the demonic demand, the teenager was able to escape the clutches of the black-eyed child and reported that, as he ran away, the entity emitted a bizarre sound similar to a bobcat.

Although these more dated encounters with BEKs suggest they entities are not a particularly new phenomenon, one wonders why they seem to be suddenly appearing with a worrisome frequency in recent years.

Coast Insiders looking for even more Black-Eyed Children stories can check out BEK researcher David Weatherly's numerous appearances on the program.

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Source: Listverse

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