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10 Unsolved Mysteries from 2019

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By Tim Binnall

Over the course of the year, without fail, there are strange stories that come along that leave us scratching our heads long after they've appeared on the Coast website. In 2019, we were mystified by an out-of-place humpback whale found in the middle of the Amazon jungle, an odd sculpture unearthed in North Carolina, and a set of seemingly cremated remains inexplicably left on the hood of a car in Seattle. Check out this collection of 10 questions from the past year that we still want answered. Who knows, maybe you can help solve a mystery...

How did they make the navel on the massive snow bear seen above?

Why are creepy dolls appearing throughout a city in Missouri?

Where did a dead humpback whale found in the middle of the Amazon jungle come from?

What is this strange object that washed ashore in North Carolina?

Who keeps leaving bowls of mashed potatoes outside of homes in a Mississippi community?

What is the source of these eerie ashes in a box atop a Seattle woman's car?

Why did this massive display case covering a meteorite in Russia suddenly begin lifting?

Who is being depicted in this marble bust that was dug out of the ground in Maine?

Why are these creepy bundles of hair being found all over a California city?

What is the origin of this enigmatic sculpture unearthed in North Carolina?


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