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11 Conspiracies Theories Proven to be True

11 Conspiracies Theories Proven to be True

While there are a myriad of conspiracy theories that are seemingly still waiting for that 'smoking gun' to be found, there are numerous nefarious plots which have, over time, actually been proven to be true.

The website Geek has compiled eleven confirmed conspiracies that likely had their proponent labels as lunatics until the facts became known.

Perhaps the most intriguing, since it seems to have been relatively forgotten by history, is the 1933 plan to take out Franklin D. Roosevelt in a coup.

Known as the 'Business Plot,' the never-accomplished usurping of the president was confirmed by a Marine general during a Congressional hearing.

Some of the other legitimate conspiracies examined in the list make up the fabric of modern conspiracy theory, such as MK-Ultra, the Gulf of Tonkin, and Iran-Contra.

Many researchers believe these exposed plots are mere glimpses of even more monstrous machinations undertaken by the 'powers that be' that have yet to be revealed.

Lest you think conspiracy theories are only the domain of government agencies, don't forget the infamous 1919 World Series which became a national scandal after players were caught throwing games.

So if you are tired of arguing with your friends and family over the veracity of your favorite conspiracy theory, perhaps the list of confirmed conspiracies may finally get them to second guess whether we really went to the moon.

Source: Geek

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