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13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: A Dog Disappearance

13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: A Dog Disappearance

In anticipation of this evening's Ghost to Ghost special, C2C has been revisiting all thirteen installments of the annual spooktacular in the Coast archive.

The series concludes today with our final tale, from last year's edition of Ghost to Ghost, when Cody in Calgary shared a truly terrifying story of a ghostly encounter that seemingly led to a family dog disappearing.

He explained that, throughout his life, he has been able to perceive "entities," but that they never bothered him except for this particular incident.

Cody recalled how he agreed to housesit for some friends when they went out of town and the area had a huge blizzard on the first day he was staying at the home.

The massive snowstorm knocked out the electricity in the town, although the telephone lines were still operational.

After chatting with his girlfriend for a while, Cody decided to turn in for the night.

His sleep was disturbed, however, when "every door in the hallway started slamming."

Trying to figure out what caused the disturbance, Cody began looking around the house and had the family's dog with him during the impromptu investigation.

Uneasy from the experience, he lit some candles and called his girlfriend again, probably hoping to take his mind off of what just happened.

Suddenly, he said, the dog started "going crazy," making noises as if it was in distress and trying to crawl under the couch.

Cody marveled at the dog's odd behavior and then spotted a pitch black figure standing in the dining room.

After jumping up and throwing the phone at the entity, Cody felt "instant terror like I was about to die" and took off running as fast as he could out of the house.

Incredibly, Cody ran all the way to the police station and told them about the intruder.

Some officers accompanied Cody back to the house and, in the room where the figure had been, discovered "all of the butcher knives were laid out on the counter from smallest to biggest."

A search around the house also revealed that the only footprints in the copious snow around the house came from Cody when he ran away in fright.

As they were assessing the situation, Cody remembered that he had left the dog behind and the group began looking around to find the abandoned animal.

But, he reported, there were no dog tracks found anywhere around the outside of the house and the dog was never seen again.

Coast Insiders can hear this strange story and many others from the 2015 edition of Ghost to Ghost as well as explore our complete Ghost to Ghost Collection.

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