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13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: A Spooky Breakfast

13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: A Spooky Breakfast

To celebrate our upcoming Ghost to Ghost special on Halloween night, C2C is revisiting all thirteen installments of the annual spooktacular in the Coast archive.

Our 10th tale in the march towards Halloween 2016 comes from four years ago, when Brian in Ohio shared the bizarre story of how he stumbled upon a ghost cooking breakfast!

The strange incident occurred, he explained, when he was helping a friend's family move into an old farmhouse.

After the first day of moving, the group had delivered all of the furniture to the home and planned on getting the boxes for the kitchen and the other rooms on the following day.

Therefore, Brian said, the only thing in the kitchen was "an old burning stove."

During the night, he was woken up by a loud banging sound coming from the kitchen, which was particularly baffling to him, since there was nothing there that could make such noises.

Venturing into the room to see what was behind the commotion, Brian encountered an old woman that appeared almost transparent.

"What are you doing here? You don't belong here," he said to the mysterious woman.

"I'm making breakfast," she replied nonchalantly.

Now even more flummoxed, Brian responded, "what do you mean you're making breakfast? There's nothing to make."

"No, look," the apparent apparition said, "there's bacon and eggs for everybody."

Completely beside himself over the odd exchange with what appears to be a ghost, Brian then started "screaming and yelling," which woke up everyone in the house.

The rest of his friends ran down to the kitchen, but the woman disappeared before they saw her.

Brian recalled, "we're sitting there looking at each other like, 'what is going on?'"

Their mystified reaction was compounded by the fact that the old woman left behind the bacon and eggs still sitting in a pan on the stove.

As to where she got the food to make the meal, Brian mused, "I have no idea."

Nonetheless, he insisted that his friends take him home and vowed never to return to the house again.

For their part, his friends thought he had been playing a prank on them ... until they found out later from the children of the previous owners, who had passed away, that there was a family tradition that they'd all gather on Saturday mornings for a breakfast of bacon and eggs.

Whether anyone actually ate the old woman's ghostly breakfast went unanswered during Brian's call to the program, but we're guessing that this was a rare instance where bacon, of all things, proved to be unappealing.

Coast Insiders can hear this amazing story and many others from the 2012 edition of Ghost to Ghost as well as explore our complete Ghost to Ghost Collection.

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