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13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: The Spirit of Santa?

13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: The Spirit of Santa?

To celebrate our upcoming Ghost to Ghost special on Halloween night, C2C is revisiting all thirteen installments of the annual spooktacular in the Coast archive.

Today's stroll down memory lane comes from the 2010 edition of Ghost to Ghost, when a caller told Art Bell about his encounter with the spirit of Santa Claus!

The strange event, he said, happened on Christmas Eve when he was just seven or eight years old.

The caller recalled how he was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of someone singing Christmas carols "rather badly."

Looking out the window to see the source of the poor performance, he spotted "this guy stumbling down the street in a Santa suit."

As the mysterious man meandered up a hill, he appeared to fall down a well that was located near the road.

Stunned by what he had just seen, the caller dashed outside to save Santa, but became even more flummoxed when he saw that the well was filled with dirt "just like it was the day before."

Thinking that perhaps the entire experience was a dream, he ventured home and went back to sleep.

However, a few hours later, he woke up to find "the guy in the Santa suit floating over my bed."

The spirit told the youngster that his Christmas presents had arrived, leading to the boy and his brother dashing downstairs to open their gifts.

As they began pouring over the presents, the commotion caused their parents to wake up and chastise them for causing a ruckus so early in the morning.

After explaining the strange Santa-related events that inspired their early rise, the boy's father was mystified to see three extra presents that apparently he had not purchased for the kids.

According to the caller, the out-of-place present that was addressed to him turned out to be a handmade wooden train.

Could it all have been a clever ruse by the caller's parents to strengthen their kids' belief in Santa Claus or did the young boy actually witness some kind of supernatural being, perhaps even Father Christmas himself? We will likely never know.

Coast Insiders can hear this eerie story and many others from the 2010 edition of Ghost to Ghost as well as explore our complete Ghost to Ghost Collection.

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