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13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: The Woman in Black

13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: The Woman in Black

To celebrate our upcoming Ghost to Ghost special on Halloween night, C2C is revisiting all thirteen installments of the annual spooktacular in the Coast archive.

Today's campfire-worthy tale comes from the 2006 edition of Ghost to Ghost, when Alicia from Chicago shared the story of a terrifying encounter with a 'woman in black.'

It was a Sunday night in early October back in 1982, she recalled, and her family had just settled down for bed.

Shortly thereafter Alicia and her husband heard a hard knocking on their living room window.

Thinking it was the neighbors' children, they tried to dismiss the sound as simply 'kids being kids.'

But when the knocking continued, Alicia's husband grew irritated and went to confront the source of the annoying sound.

With Alicia following close behind, he entered the room, but then swiftly backed out of it right into her, looking pale as ghost and terrified.

Since he worked in law enforcement, Alicia suggested he go and get his gun to protect them from whatever had given him such a scare.

He dismissed this idea with the absolutely chilling response, "what I just saw, my gun will do nothing."

After another knock on the window, her husband eventually went back into the room and opened the door to the outside.

Alicia became hysterical by what he had just done, but her husband quieted her and explained that he had seen a transparent woman, dressed entirely in black, knocking on the window ... from the inside of the house!

"I think she wants to get out," her husband theorized, perhaps correctly, since the knocking subsequently stopped.

In an eerie coda to Alicia's story, she later met a medium who, unprompted, told her that "there's a woman all in black that walks through your house."

Coast Insiders can hear this story and many others from the 2006 edition of Ghost to Ghost as well as explore our complete Ghost to Ghost Collection.

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