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13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: Visits from Grandpa

13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: Visits from Grandpa

To celebrate our upcoming Ghost to Ghost special on Halloween night, C2C is revisiting all thirteen installments of the annual spooktacular in the Coast archive.

Today's trip to the time capsule unearths a heartwarming tale from the 2008 edition of Ghost to Ghost, featuring a nine-year-old caller named Charlie.

"I've been seeing my dead grandpa for a number of months," the youngster revealed to George Noory.

According to Charlie, his grandfather passed away about nine months earlier and his spirit began appearing to the boy shortly thereafter.

These sightings, he said, seemed to happen at random, taking him by surprise when he would suddenly spot his late grandfather.

"He just like pops up," Charlie said, "say I was playing soccer. I could turn around after practice and I could see him there, waving at me."

The surprisingly self-aware nine-year-old marveled that his initial reaction to these sightings was that "I must be going insane to see this."

As to how Charlie's parents reacted to these 'visitations,' he said that they encouraged him to tell people about them if he felt comfortable enough to share the story with "the whole entire world."

Since Charlie's grandfather lived two states away, he was unable to visit him very often when he was alive.

However, it appears that his grandfather may have trying to make up for that absence via his visits from the 'other side.'

"I really appreciate that," Charlie said, calling the phenomenon a "gift from God."

Eight years later, one wonders how long his grandfather's visits continued and if the now-teenage Charlie remembers the remarkable experiences.

Coast Insiders can hear this remarkable story and many others from the 2008 edition of Ghost to Ghost as well as explore our complete Ghost to Ghost Collection.

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