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13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: One Last Lunch Together

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To celebrate our upcoming Ghost to Ghost special on Halloween night, C2C is revisiting all thirteen installments of the annual spooktacular in the Coast archive.

Today's tale is a tearjerker from the 2011 edition of Ghost to Ghost when Terry from Topeka recounted witnessing an eerie 'final meal' for a widow and her late husband.

While eating a late lunch at a local deli, Terry said, she spotted a pair of friends eating at a table in the restaurant.

"Both of them looked so sad," Terry recalled, "I couldn't figure out what was wrong."

The husband, Terry observed, was leaning across the table "just staring in her eyes" and the wife looked like she had been crying.

This struck Terry as odd, since the couple was well known for their positive and outgoing attitudes.

When she began to venture over to the table to say hello, Terry suddenly felt something grab the back of her neck and pull her backwards.

There was no one behind her that could have yanked her neck, Terry claimed, and, as it occurred, she 'felt' a suggestion in her mind that she should not bother the couple.

Additionally, she was taken aback by a strange "amber glow, like an aura" that seemed to be enveloping the man at the table.

Ultimately, Terry opted to eat her lunch in an adjacent dining room and eventually went back to her job where she worked as a hairdresser.

As 'luck' would have it, her first client after the break was another old friend, who entered the salon looking distraught.

When he asked what was wrong, he shared the unfortunate news that their mutual friend had died three days ago and that his funeral had just taken place that morning.

This departed friend, as you might suspect, was the husband that Terry had seen eating lunch with his wife just moments earlier.

"Everything made sense to me then," Terry marveled, "all of my little observations."

Incredibly, Terry later learned from friends who had attended the funeral that, after the service, the wife went to the diner for lunch because it was their favorite place to eat.

Coast Insiders can hear this incredible story and many others from the 2011 edition of Ghost to Ghost as well as explore our complete Ghost to Ghost Collection.

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