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145-Year-Old Coffin Unearthed in San Francisco

A seemingly simple garage renovation at a home in San Francisco resulted in a unsettling discovery as construction workers unearthed a 145-year-old coffin!

The unnerving find was particularly eerie since the casket was designed with two windows on its lid, allowing workers a chilling glimpse of the coffin's occupant.

Contained inside the bronze and lead box was a remarkable well-preserved little blonde girl with a rose in her hands.

Homeowner Ericka Karner explained that the discovery was not altogether unexpected because that area of San Francisco was a graveyard until the early 1900's when city officials moved the bodies to allow for additional land development.

That said, she expressed dismay that the mystery girl was missed during the macabre move.

"Being a mom, that’s unfathomable and sad that a little child could be left behind like that," she told the LA Times.

Unfortunately, the identity of the girl may remain a mystery as burial records from that era are likely to have been destroyed or lost in the intervening years.

Nonetheless, she may soon have a proper burial thanks to the charitable organization Garden of Innocence, which provides such services for abandoned children who have passed away.

Source: LA Times

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