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200 Cats Poisoned in French Town

200 Cats Poisoned in French Town

Residents of a French seaside resort are reeling as a 'cat serial killer' has poisoned an astounding 200 cats in the town over the last month.

Authorities in Saint Pierre la Mer have been left baffled by the bizarre spate of deaths which have befallen both stray cats and pets as well as birds and rodents.

Alarmed at the stunning number of victims, animal welfare groups are calling for autopsies of the animals in an attempt to determine what may have been used to poison them.

Meanwhile, families living in the area have expressed concern that the 'cat serial killer' will begin targeting children next.

The troubling situation has left townspeople wondering who may be behind the gruesome killing spree and looking at their neighbors with a suspicious eye.

"The atmosphere has become hateful," one resident told a French newspaper, "nobody trusts anyone."

One can only hope that the miscreant behind the killings can be brought to justice soon and that the cats of Saint Pierre la Mer will be safe to walk the streets again.

Source: BBC News

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