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2015's Cryptozoologist of the Year Announced

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International Cryptozoology Museum director Loren Coleman has announced the winner of this year's Cryptozoologist of the Year and the first recipient of the 'Golden Yeti' award.

Coleman bestowed the honor upon Jeremy Efroymson for his "quiet but steady support of serious cryptozoological pursuits" through a series of grants awarded to various scientific projects and conferences.

In a field that is continually challenged by a lack of funding, the generosity of Efroymson is both a rare and critical help to cryptozoologists attempting to decipher the mysteries of unidentified and out of place animals.

Although the Cryptozoologist of the Year title has been awarded by Coleman since 2008, Efroymson is the first to receive the 'Golden Yeti' statue in honor of his work.

The annual award highlights individuals who have advanced the science of cryptozoology or uncovered new material which could benefit researchers in the field.

Previous honorees have included Bill Munns, Dr. Bryan Sykes, and Cliff Barackman.


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