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2016 'Golden Yeti' Winner Announced

2016 'Golden Yeti' Winner Announced

Prolific author and renowned researcher Karl Shuker has been named the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Golden Yeti Award for outstanding work in the field of cryptozoology.

Presented by the International Cryptzoology Museum, the award aims to honor those who have made significant contributions to the field over the past year.

With the publication of a massive new 600-page work this month, Shuker has now authored an astounding 25 books on the subject.

The indefatigable researcher is credited with uncovering a vast array of mysterious creatures in the historical and cultural record that heretofore had largely escaped the attention of the cryptozoology community.

Among Shuker's numerous finds are the infamous Mongolian Death Worm, the Scottish earth hound, and the Zanzibar makalala as well as countless other fantastic creatures.

It is this prodigious output of material that earned the highly respected researcher a well-deserved place on the list of Golden Yeti winners that also includes Bill Munns, Dr. Bryan Sykes, and Cliff Barackman.

Coast Insider can celebrate Shuker's win by checking out his C2C appearances on 8/23/2014 and 9/15/2013.

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