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2017 UK Crop Circle Season Begins

Crop circle season in the UK appears to be underway as the year's first formations were found over the last few days.

According to the website Crop Circle Connector, the first official formation for 2017 was spotted in a field in the English village of Cherhill Down on April 16th.

The remarkable design, which some observers have likened to a pendulum, appears to align with a centuries-old figure of a white horse embossed in a nearby mountain.

On the heels of that formation being found, a second crop circle was discovered two days later in the village of Tarlton.

Unlike the previous design, this particular formation is rather rudimentary, but still quite breathtaking as it appears to depict a crescent moon with two smaller circles nearby.

That specific shape is remarkably similar to a portion of the initial formation, suggesting that there may be some kind of connection between the two events.

In a testament to the diligent community of crop circle chasers in the UK, both formations have already been fastidiously documented with a plethora of photos and videos, despite only being found a few days ago.

Of course, it bears noting that the source of crop circle phenomenon remains a hotly debated mystery as UFO advocates argue that the formations are some kind of ET message while skeptics say that they are simply the work of creative artists.

Indeed, it's likely we'll see formations which will be used by both sides to bolster their case appearing over the next few months and that the debate will likely continue long into the future.

Nonetheless, the first pair of puzzling discoveries for 2017 suggest that this year's crop circle season could be rife with fantastic designs and curious creations, regardless of their origin.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the crop circle phenomenon can dig into our vast archive of programs which cover the topic, including interviews with researcher Nancy Talbott and investigator Patty Greer.

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Source: Crop Circle Connector

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